752 – Apartment with garden and tavern – Montefalco

752 – Apartment with garden and tavern – Montefalco



192 sqm apartment. with private garden of 90 sqm., strategically located in the historic center of Montefalco, very close to a parking lot and to the beautiful Piazza del Comune.

The very bright and panoramic apartment is divided into two units:

  • From the main entrance – square side – you enter the condominium hall and there is the entrance, single bedroom, living room / bedroom, bathroom, dining area with fireplace, veranda and kitchen;
  • On the first floor there is a hallway three bedrooms, a bathroom and balcony;
  • you can access the basement from the alley and the shared garden and there is a large cellar with a brick vault, two storage rooms and a technical room;

From the balcony, located on the first floor, you can access the flat roof where a very panoramic terrace could be built; The property is equipped with an autonomous heating system powered by methane gas, municipal water supply and electricity.

Due to its position, Montefalco is called the “Railing of Umbria”, in the center of the Clitunno, Topino and Tiber valleys. Montefalco has always been a land of wine, as evidenced by the splendid frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli in the apse of the church of San Francesco, which already in the fifteenth century depicted the medieval village surrounded by vineyards laden with grapes.

Routes with wineries that can be visited, vineyards, typical restaurants, shops and natural beauty.

Montefalco preserves the precious roots of the Sagrantino, grown only in these hills. Going by wineries means discovering the essence of Montefalco, a reference point in the wine region where Sagrantino di Montefalco and Montefalco Rosso are produced.

The origins of Sagrantino are still debated. An hypothesis connects it to the “itriola” vine mentioned by Plinio il Veccgio, a theory considers it to come from Greece and imported in the Middle Ages by Byzantine monks. According to others, the grapes were brought around

1400 by the Franciscan friars, returning from Asia Minor, who obtained a raisin wine for religious rites, hence the name Sagrantino. Although currently the dry version prevails, Sagrantino also preserves intact its origin expressed by sweet wine, in which tradition meets modern enology for an unstoppable success.

Wine, olive oil, cheeses, cold cuts, bread and pasta, but also selected fruit and vegetables. Here is the extended panorama of territorial excellence that characterizes Montefalco.

Let your palate be delighted with olive oil, with an intense yellow-green color and a pleasantly fruity and intense flavor.

Next to the ‘green gold’, there is the honey, a product of absolute authenticity, the result of the diligent care of local beekeepers who continue the tradition of this archaic activity with skill and passion.

Local crafts also reserve pleasant surprises for fans of particular processes, such as the fine Montefalco fabrics made mainly of natural fibers, such as linen and cotton. With the typical “Jacquard” process they make sheets, bedspreads, towels, curtains, tablecloths and tea towels.

Among the ornamental motifs stand out geometric decorations, designs dating back to Romanesque, alongside the more typical motifs similar to those that adorn the finds of the textile collection kept in the Museum Complex of San Francesco.


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