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Why rely on Tuder Immobiliare?

Tuder Immobiliare boasts thirty years of experience in the niche market of Real Estate.
Professionalism and helpfulness are the basis of our work that wants to satisfy the needs of national and international customers.
The house has always been considered a precious asset, an asset for investment and personal enrichment, we want your purchase to become a magical moment.
Our intent is to follow the buyers and sellers, in all phases of the sale, also through post-sale assistance.

We select associated professionals, including notaries, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, artisans and many other figures, to support our work ensuring a very professional service, respecting the customer’s privacy.


For those who dream of buying a property in Umbria:

For over thirty years we have been dealing with national and international customers that want to invest in Umbria. With the aim of satisfying even the most demanding customers, we select properties that comply as much as possible with the requested parameters and we choose properties that have the fundamental requirements for an excellent investment.
The location first of all! We always give much importance to the surrounding area, because it will be the “guarantee” for your investment.
We conduct the negotiation with maximum diligence and clarity, to leave no room for misunderstanding and to proceed with serenity through all the stages of the sale until its conclusion.


Do you want to sell your property?

Tuder Immobiliare analyzes in detail the strengths of the properties and finds the solutions to solve or reduce the critical issues. The intent is to offer the seller the correct tools for the enhancement of the property, choosing the most appropriate and current marketing strategy.
There are several acquisition phases of a property: correct evaluation, enhancement, visibility and verification of the documentation through through the urban compliance certificate drawn up by the seller’s technician or by one of our professionals.


Have not you been selling the house for a long time?

Renewing the offer of your property can be decisive, what does it mean? Certainly the steps indicated above are decisive for putting a property on the market, therefore some time is required to do it and, in certain cases, it can be very advantageous to remove the property that has not been adequately presented previously.

What is home staging?

Home staging is a communicative marketing strategy that helps sellers to enhance a property in the most effective way within the real estate market, promoting the possibility of promptly intercepting the buyer.
To make the difference, Tuder Immobiliare offers customized home staging solutions, attentive to the target audience and the style of the property, also highlighting the typical characteristics of the area in which it is located.
The team is able to manage the personalized intervention “turnkey”, while leaving the possibility for the owners to take part in the development phases of the best strategy for the pursuit of the purpose.

What is the purpose of home staging?

The goal of home staging is to adopt some measures in the preparation of a property, to highlight the characteristic strengths of the property and to find solutions to any critical issues. This can materialize through a cleaning and rearrangement of the existing look, sometimes also using furniture simulations, thus giving the buyer the impression of being inside his future home. In addition, through the use of professional photographic sequences, in just a few seconds of online viewing of the property, the right opportunities can be generated in order to arouse positive emotions, stand out from the competition, creating the so-called love at first sight!


Advantages of home staging:

⦁ Greater visibility of the property
⦁ Increase in visit requests
⦁ 77% reduction in stall times on the market compared to the Italian average
⦁ Better visual projection of spaces for the future buyer
⦁ Less speculative negotiation by the buyer
⦁ Organization for removal or disposal of unnecessary personal effects
⦁ The cost of an intervention turns out to be always less than the first price reduction of the property.
(Dati Nazionali APHSI/Bankita)


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