804 – Accommodation business, farmhouse and restaurant

804 – Accommodation business, farmhouse and restaurant



In Umbria located in the hills of the municipality of Bevagna, this property in a dominant position with beautiful panoramic views consists of 290 sq. m. manor house, accommodation facility of 15 rooms, restaurant room, spa, swimming pool, one-room apartment for janitor, services, warehouses and agricultural land of 7 hectares.

Since 2000, the business has welcomed both foreign and local clientele due to its strategic location and the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The manor house of 266 square meters and porch of 50 square meters is divided into large living room with fireplace, dining room, and kitchen on the ground floor, 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor.

The accommodation part of 595 sq. m. with porches of 215 sq. m. and warehouses of 80 sq. m. consists of 15 rooms with en suite bathrooms and are each characterized by independent entrance from the garden.

The 205 sq. m. restaurant room with large panoramic windows and wonderful views of the landscape, Bevagna and Assisi is complemented by 320 sq. m. services and warehouses.

The SPA with indoor pool, holistic room and services, has an area for a total of 190 sq. m. plus porches of 70 sq. m.

The property offered with indoor and outdoor furniture and equipment is complemented by 16×8 swimming pool, very rich well, municipal aqueduct and hybrid heating system with heat pumps.


  • POOL
  • SPA
  • WELL
    2 hectares
  • LAND
    7 hectares